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When Aggression is Good

Aggression has gained a reputation as purely negative, especially if it is masculine in origin. I think that aggression advances our individual and civilizational aims and promotes human happiness.

Fortitude, Temperance

If You Struggle With Anxiety

Some advice for anxiety is literally non-advice. Are there concrete steps for dealing with anxiety?  An article at a famous news outlet recently stated:  If you worry about the fact that you worry so much, take a deep breath: We have some good news. Researchers have found that people with anxiety often have higher intelligence. …


Art and Meditation

A lot of people cringe at the thought of confrontation. I think that this is why sports and revenge movies are so popular, they allow people to vicariously stand up to obstacles from which they would shrink away in real life. What habits can help us to intentionally take risks without being coward or making …


Cure for Cowardice: Gaining Confidence

Many people could never imagine having courage because they don’t even have confidence. What can you do to gain some confidence? Few of us will face death in the ways necessary to make fortitude (with regard to death itself) a virtue in our lives. But the virtues connected to it and supportive of it, such …