Hitting the Links 1/6/2017

Here’s a good Ed Latimore quote:

Of every thing I’ve cooked lately, this is my wife’s favorite: 5 Ingredient Carnitas. Enjoy.

Strength training is a prophylactic for aging. And it takes remarkably little time if your goals are modest. If you don’t lift, you having nothing to lose but weakness, get to the gym/garage/push-ups. Also, here’s this 70 year old lifter.

Bret Contreras, “the glute guy,” recommends five daily practices to improve your health or at least your sense of well being. I especially appreciate deep squat and diaphragmatic breathing. He also has a big fat stack of references at the bottom, but with health practices (that aren’t dangerous) the best evidence is trying it out.

Speaking of diaphragmatic breathing, Wim Hof has his 40 breaths +push-ups exercise up:

Another way to practice Wim’s exercises is to do 30-40 breaths, breathe out and see how long you can wait until your next breath. When I’m not having allergy problems, I can typically over three minutes if I do the exercise (without the push-ups) two or three times in a row.

Nicholas Taleb asks, “was Jesus a non-white refugee?” The question is important because many skip questions of safety, reasonablity, alternative solutions, and rational altruism in the refugee resettlement debate in order to utilize the “Jesus as a brown refugee and you would reject him out of racism.” And many individuals of sensitive conscience fall for this tactic without considering whether or not the claim is true and whether a nation has a duty of the sort prescribed. I don’t mean to comment on the politics, but just on the rhetoric of this case and whether its foundation is, in fact, in fact.

Being a vegan probably isn’t very healthy for your brain.

Pop-eye is stronger than your favorite characters:

A Recipe for Link Sauce

A few years ago I read this horrifying article: Males can lactate. A recent event, which does not include me lactating occurred which reminded me of it. Enjoy this unsettling series of anecdotes: “Among them was a South American man, observed by Prussian naturalist Alexander von Humboldt, who subbed as wet nurse after his wife fell ill as well as male missionaries in Brazil that were the sole milk supply for their children because their wives had shriveled breasts. More recently, Agence France-Presse reported a short piece in 2002 on a 38-year-old man in Sri Lanka who nursed his two daughters through their infancy after his wife died during the birth of her second child.”

But in related news, you can increase your testosterone naturally. Here’s the author’s experience: “After 90 days, I had my testosterone tested again. My total T had gone up to 778 ng/dL and my free T had risen to 14.4 pg/mL. I had doubled my testosterone.” I’ve never had my t-levels checked. 

William Briggs has hopefully participated in the final death blow to the p-value as a statistical tool. But, since the same misinterpretations of this useless tool keep appearing in social science journals, it seems likely to me that it’s a dead horse that remains to be beaten.

Bruce Charlton’s paper on the metaphysics of biology was accepted and published last year, but I had missed it. This line will be sure to disturb many, “Furthermore, I will suggest that a teleology of biology having the required properties entails ‘deism’; deism being belief in a single, overall, unifying – but potentially abstract and impersonal – source of order and meaning for reality.” 

Over at Albion Awakening, William Wildblood (hopefully his real name) wrote Jesus was Left-Wing. Here’s a great line: “Liberals mistake being nice for loving but what is the greater love, that you support someone walking over a cliff or you turn him back? Love does not confirm someone in their errors but directs them towards the truth.”

Edward Feser wrote about Lewis’ doctrine of transposition. “By “transposition,” Lewis has in mind the way in which a system which is richer or has more elements can be represented in a system that is poorer insofar as it has fewer elements.”

The article, “Staying Friends with Ex-Romantic Partners,” claims that evidence suggests that among the reasons such friendships remain, ‘security and practical’ reasons have the most positive outcomes. 

Jordan Peterson’s paper “A Psycho-ontological Analysis of Genesis 2-6” is available free on Scribd. It is the academic background to a great deal of his Biblical lecture series. He posits, rightly in my view, that the early chapters of Genesis are essentially making the narrative argument that, “If the world of experience is made of chaos and order, then the choice between the path of Cain and the path of Abel is the most important choice that anyone can ever make.” There are elements that some might find theologically objectionable, but it’s a great article. 




Link, he come to town…

Here are some links:

Newly Discovered Blogs

Ella Prichard’s Blog – Her website has excellent resources on grieving as well as several fun posts (like recipes and the like). Ella is a great writer, I do not know how she manages to write so frequently since she works so hard on perfect punctuation and grammar, but I commend her!

Bravegirlliving – This is written by a very bright young woman who struggled (struggles) with an eating disorder and includes her reflections on the Christian life as well as on the interior struggles of anybody with a psychological illness of that sort.

Chris Borah – Chris is probably going to end up with a doctorate in New Testament, but he is also a very competent tech guru. His posts are always thoughtful.

Interesting Post

Do Greek or English Exegesis – Matthew Malcom has helpful tips for novice Bible Software uses who don’t know their Biblical languages.