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Of Saints and Serpents or the Christian and Inner Darkness

Part of my work as a teacher is to help students acquire good habits which ultimately become dispositions. To do this, I’ve been studying the cardinal virtues. To study courage, I’ve been reading up on fear, evil, and the psychology of both. On the popularly level, I found Gavin De Becker’s The Gift of Fear. In the …

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Do we need asceticism?

Asceticism is a maligned concept, but it’s cross culturally universal. At its essence, asceticism is exercising to optimize your life for some goal. Everybody is, in this sense, an ascetic practitioner. The problem is that we may not have chosen the goal toward which we are heading or we may be doing exercises improper to …

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Virtue Building: How to Grow Any Habit

Why Pursue Virtue? It’s hard to say exactly what makes any particular person want to become virtuous or develop a good habit. For many it is a religious conversion. For others it’s a realization that debt, porn, or drugs have ruined their lives, as bad habits can become a hell on earth. Some people conclude …