Clown World: Parents aren’t Britons

The Independent published an article with this headline today (screenshotted for posterity):

The Only Way

It’s a singularly insensitive article claiming that the parents of those who died ought to go on exactly as before or at least, it is implying that since they cannot do just that, they are not truly Britons.

The author admits that the concert goers were young women:

Her Twitter bio declares she is a “dangerous woman”. But in truth, a lot of her fans are teenage girls, teenage girls who get taken to her concerts by their mums or dads.

The author goes on to claim (attempt to argue?) that:

But if the intention of those who commit acts of terror is to disrupt ordinary life, then the only possible response is not to let that happen. That is not to say police should not track down who was responsible for such vile murder. That is not to say the security services should not step up their efforts and do all they can to stop a repeat of such slaughter.

Of course, even the mayor of London has claimed that terror attacks are part and parcel of big city life (which has never been true on a global scale). But if that is true, living ordinary life is not possible. If a sizable percentage of a city wishes to prey upon the rest of its residents, then the residents simply cannot live ordinary life anymore. Neither can the parents of lost children go on as though their children weren’t brutally murdered.

We’re not actually equipped to do that much at all, other than to try to carry on, to not allow ourselves to be terrorised, to not stop living our lives. And that means means continuing with the general election May felt obliged to call, or keep on buying tickets to see the likes of Ariana Grande.

Being terrorised can hardly be defined more clearly that having your nations children murdered. You cannot ‘refuse to be terrorised’ unless you choose to live something beyond an ordinary life. I don’t wish to politicize a horror. I instead simply sigh at the attempt to politicize it in a certain direction using empty platitudes.


Does anybody claim that Palestinian parents should go on living as though nothing happened when Israeli bombs kill their children.


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