On Being Sick

I’ve noticed that once every few months I get such a bad case of heartburn that I can hardly concentrate or function in any physically demanding capacity. 

Honestly its times like these when I’m well enough not to be afraid of dying and feeling poorly enough not to want to be productive that my thoughts are the furthest from God.

In all seriousness in my worst moments of physical suffering (particularly ones that do not affect my clarity of thought) my thoughts have been clear enough to think of two things: immediate necessities and God. On the other hand when reading difficult matters of philosophy, the attacks made on the Christian faith, and doing Calculus that my mind can most easily move with clarity to the reality of God. 

This is also the case with being around small groups of people (larger groups can be annoying enough to find it difficult to believe in anything transcendent…even math) about whom one can find obvious infiltrations of God’s grace. I can also think with clarity about the Lord when doing manual labor. 

But when I’m just plain old sick I can hardly think about anything of meaning except for things that depress me. 

The fact is that this ought not be. I’ll practice more next time. 

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