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Thoughts on completing plus sized reading lists

TLDR: Here are the five steps to help you read more: Make a list Schedule time to read Shorten it by reading books or taking off pointless/boring books. Don’t read too many things at once. Leisure reading is no substitute for religious reading if you’re religious. Overly Personal Introduction Many of us have too many …


The Devil and Pierre Gernet

I just read the short story The Devil and Pierre Gernet by David Bentley Hart. I’m not sure that a short story has ever left me wanting to sit and talk to its author the way this one has. I’ll post a review soon. Initial thoughts: The book seems pretentious due to the vocabulary, but …


Books of 2013

In 2013 I read, what felt like, less than ever. Nevertheless, here’s what I came up with when formulating a list. I wrote the list ether adding books right after I finished them or while cataloging the books in our study and realizing which ones I had read this year. I’ll briefly comment on anything …