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Exercise and Fitness: What are they?

Begin with the End in Mind Many people go to the gym without and move around without a particular end in mind. This is okay if you’re only trying to enjoy yourself or meet people (a common event at gyms). Toward a Definition of Fitness and Exercise But, if you want to become fit, then …

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How I Escape the Dungeon

Everybody finds themselves in the dungeon from time to time. It’s that place where you feel like progress is impossible or meaningless, like you’ve gone too far in a wrong direction, or that there’s no such thing as the right direction. It’s so weird, because it feels like the same place no matter where you …


Self-Experimentation and Peer-Reviewed Evidence

I’ve mentioned before that I have a genetic bone disorder and have utilized my interpretation of scientific publications to self-experiment. At least once, this self-experimentation has had positive health results. Other times I have merely yielded knowledge about what does not help. For instance, I’ve had pretty bad acid reflux for the past few years. …