Thoughts I’ve lately had

  1. Teaching people to be disciples of Jesus might actually take some wisdom literature/self-help classes on time management, goal seeking, and how to say no to feelings.
  2. In the Old Testament, covenant seems to be the more important institution when compared with kinship.
  3. Thinking about point 1, young Christians certainly need to understand the gospel before they understand Aristotle (as Luther said in Heidelberg), but, man o man, they really should read some Aristotle (ie, contemporary books on habit formation) if they wish to appropriate the character of Christ because modern evangelical teaching (not all, but much of it that I’m exposed to) does not help.
  4. I’ve been making a list of engineering/mathematical problems to spend time on and I found two game theorists that look at the Biblical text using game theory to understand the narratives of the Old Testament. It’s actually not that bad. The one I’ve actually spent time reading it Steven Brams.
  5. Make a morning routine every evening before you go to bed if you wish to not regret the rest of your day. Seriously.
  6. Thank God that Cal 3 and Physics are covering the exact same type of vectors right now.
  7. I don’t understand why kids will play for football coaches at the risk of their lives and not do 5 minutes of homework for people that want to help them get into college.
  8. I recently made fun of a class mate for misspelling something in a lab report. Then I misspelled the first word in an email I sent to the lab group. Humble pie.
  9. Read Udo Schnelle and Adolf Schlatter to understand your New Testament better. Seriously, what are you waiting for?
  10. Oh, read your New Testament first, of course.
  11. I’ve gotten to teach about Jesus’ resurrection at church lately, looking at the marvels of the texts that focus on our Lord’s rising from the dead has been riveting for me.

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