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Why Isn’t Wonder Woman Fat?

In an article which must be satire but isn’t, a woman asks:

When Will Wonder Woman Be a Fat, Femme Woman of Color?


  1. She’s not sedentary.
  2. She’s from an island without men, so modern day women’s issues would have little import to her.
  3. She’s Greek, so she can’t be.

If Wonder Woman became any of those things she wouldn’t be Wonder Woman. If somebody wants a fat, non-white, super-heroine who doesn’t need a man, that person can just do what normal creative people do: pick up a pencil and draw the comic.

If a film review says something like, “When will the movie (good or bad) deviate from the outdated source material?” rather than “Is this deviation from the source faithful to it while still creating a good film?” then the reviewer doesn’t care about the movie or the source.

A Hulk fan being concerned about the Absorbing Man somehow being Hulk’s father in the 2003 film or the Absorbing Man being too weak to be a Hulk villain in Marvel’s agents of shield, that makes sense.¬†Complaining that the work of other people is poorly designed art or even fundamentally immoral garbage makes sense.

Complaining that an adaptation of somebody’s art doesn’t fundamentally fail to represent that art is stupid. Complain about Wonder Woman as she was, make a new hero, complain about the coherence of the film, or the film’s intrinsic morality…but why complain that the film doesn’t adequately reflect moder social movements foreign to the creator when you could just make your own?

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