Month: November 2015


Johannes Weiss: Did Paul meet Jesus before the crucifixion?

I often speculated that this was so and indeed wondered why I’d never heard or read it. But alas, it is a hypothesis that has popped up in various places. Stanley Porter, in a lecture attempting to answer this question, referred to this passage in Weiss and so I began to read (I had not read …

Intellectual Virtues, Prudence

Ancient Assistance for Memory in the Modern Mind

Many feel as though they could become wise if they only could remember things more exactly. But how? The ancients wondered the same thing.

Intellectual Virtues, Prudence

Fools lack wisdom, but how do you get wisdom?

One of the fundamental questions we should ask ourselves is this, “How can I get wisdom?” Wisdom can lead to riches, happiness, success, friendships, a good name, and so-on. Who wouldn’t want the riches of wisdom in their life? Few know this, but in more ancient times, the elements of wisdom were essentially agreed upon. …

Intellectual Virtues, Temperance

Martial arts for your mind: thought kata

One of the great analogies for growing in virtue is that of a battle against the passions and appetites. The particular virtues which are like a battle in the moment are temperance and fortitude.


What is a virtue?

Understanding virtue is so crucial for true happiness and success that you should probably read this page even if you don’t intend to read anything else at Virtus et Potentia. Essentially a virtue is a good habit. But what is a habit and what does it mean for a habit to be good?


Why Become a Christian?

In a previous post, I explained how to become a Christian. In this post, I wish to explain (briefly, not in full) why to become a Christian. The gospel is true and it is important to believe true things I’m not going to delve into a length apologetic here, but in my mind the arguments …


Roid Rage vs Confidence

When I was 18, I did some personal training. During my certification test, the cert group had to move us to a different building across the city. One of the guys needed a ride because a friend had dropped him off. He was jacked. I mean, a really really big dude. He was my height …


Fake it Till You Make It

One of the weirdest struggles I have is periodic long stretches of depressive/depressing thoughts. I’ve never been diagnosed with depression, but I sometimes struggle with debilitating self-doubt, lack of confidence, and even feelings of meaninglessness. And when I said debilitating, I meant that on a vacation I’ve been able to literally sit and do nothing …


The Fourth ‘C’

Over at the Bold and Determined blog there is a post about the Three Cs of a morning routine (their post is great, read it). They are: Coffee Cardio Cold Shower These are all good ideas. I’m not a fan of aerobics or cardio as a form of fat loss or as a way to “get …


Applying the Advanced Thought Kata: Evaluate Your Actions

Previously, I’ve written about two thought katas: The Beginner Kata The Advanced Thought Kata The advanced kata has applications beyond mere thoughts. If we change the words, this kata becomes a useful tool for evaluating your habits: All habits have a purpose with a point of view based on assumptions which have consequences and form our identities.  …