Hitting the Links 9/10/2018

Here’s a good Ed Latimore quote: Passive-aggression is weak. It tries to get the benefits of confrontation at a steeply discounted price. If you have something on your chest, speak directly and leave no room for misinterpretation. — Ed Latimore (@EdLatimore) January 6, 2018 Of everything I’ve cooked lately, this is my wife’s favorite: 5 …

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What is a Spiritual Exercise?

In What is Ancient Philosohy?, Pierre Hadot argues that ancient philosophers were offering ways of life that eschewed the pull of the passions and instead aimed at optimal human existence (happiness or ευδαιμονια).   In order to accomplish this, philosophers weren’t just offering arguments or proposing ideas just to change people’s ideas, they were trying to help …

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The Lindy Effect and Classical Education

Schools purporting to offer a classical education are cropping up around the country. Is this recent trend good or bad? To answer this question, I propose that classical education is Lindy-compatible, and therefore minimally not harmful, but likely helpful. Here is Nassim Nicholas Taleb‘s description of the Lindy effect: “Lindy is a deli in New …

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The Christian Hope and Homo Prospectus

The Christian version of the afterlife is unique in two respects. It is so unlike our present existence that the Bible says that it can only be seen dimly and is best expressed in images. But it is very much like our present existence in that our present self will be preserved and will have …


Links to Read: 9-3-2018

I stumbled upon Scripture, revelation, and Platonism in C.S. Lewis by Andrew Walker. I finally had time to read it today. The first 15 pages or so are pretty good. In them, he describes Lewis’ six categories of revelation: the numinous, Sehnsucht/desire, conscience, Israel, pagan dreams/myths, and Jesus himself. After that, Walker attempts to critique …

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Socrates and Friendship

Socrates was so useful in all circumstances and in all ways, that any observer gifted with ordinary perception can see that nothing was more useful than the companionship of Socrates, and time spent with him in any place and in any circumstances. The very recollection of him in absence brought no small good to his …

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Why is there freedom with the Spirit of the Lord?

2 Timothy 1:6-7 Therefore, I remind you to fan into flame the gift of God which was given you by the laying on of my [Paul] hands. For, God has not given us a cowardly spirit, but a spirit of power, love, and discipline.2 Corinthians 3:17 Now the Lord [to which I’ve been referring] is …


33 years and 33 thoughts

Here are 33 thoughts for my 33rd birthday. These are some of the ideas that have been in my head over the past year. You could think of it as instructions to my younger self. But it’s not merely that, as a great deal of it is just what occupied my mind this past year. …


Jordan Peterson: Heretic or Helpful Pagan?

Rachel Fulton Brown writes: …I don’t think that Jordan has a Messiah complex. But I do think that he thinks that he is capable on the strength of his own will of saving the world. It is why he spends so much time speaking. Because he believes that through his speech he can save himself—and that by speaking in …

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Music Video: An Unstoppable Man

  If you like synth wave and/or Mad Max, this music video might improve your workouts or make you feel pumped. Warning: Don’t try any of these stunts without a seatbelt.