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Two Visions of 2070

Of the two, neither is good. But both are entertaining: The first is somewhat controversial, but it’s essentially a guy giving a ted-talk as a ridiculous caricature of certain segments of the college type. For instance, he voices his (not real) support of euthanasia with this line, “In 2070, there won’t be any old or …

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Music Video: An Unstoppable Man

  If you like synth wave and/or Mad Max, this music video might improve your workouts or make you feel pumped. Warning: Don’t try any of these stunts without a seatbelt.  

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Taylor Swift: Great American Philosopher

I read a great quote in a meme. So I decided to find its source. It had a philosopher’s touch: Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenage years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go to breakfast? As a …

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Propagation by Com Truise

This is an atmospheric song for writing, reading, or exercise.   But the whole album is, as they say, totally boss:

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Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, and the Devil

In the three most recent adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, Elementary, and the Game of Shadows) at crucial moments Holmes is deceived by Moriarty into making a tactical error and in the mean time a song about demon forces is played. There Are Spoilers Below In the movie, Holmes is fooled into thinking Moriarty intended …


There was Ash

I prefer my songs to tell stories and it’s even better if whole albums can do it. For this very reason, one of my favorite bands is Murder by Death. Below is an album that is inspired by Homer’s Odyssey, but the protagonist is fairly evil and vicious. There are timestamps for the songs. I …


Music Monday: When Bastille “Can’t Even!”

When I heard this song the other day, I thought it was a parody: How can you think you’re serious? Do you even know what year it is?  I can’t believe the scary points you make  Still living in the currents you create Still sinking in the pool of your mistakes  Won’t you stop firing …


Music Monday: The Highway Man

I’ve always thought this was an intriguing song/poem. I prefer Loreena McKennitt’s song to the poem, but it’s good.  One reason I like it is that it raises that perennial question: why do people have relationships with people who are bad for them? For instance, dozens of women in the UK are married to men on …