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Propagation by Com Truise

This is an atmospheric song for writing, reading, or exercise.   But the whole album is, as they say, totally boss:


Going to Concerts

I went to my first concert in a long time tonight. It was for an 80s coverband named the Spazmatics. They were pretty good. Observations: The BMI of the concert demographic has changed tremendously. The energy levels of audience members has had an inverse relationship with the BMI. When I was younger, I loved concerts, …


Music Monday: Motivation for the Gym

Here is a metal-esque song that really only exists to listen to prior to or during intense exercise: I highly recommend this song for getting pumped up for a heavy set of squats or dead lift, but it’s also a good “getting to the gym by car” song. Any other gym music recommendations?


Music Monday: The Rolling Stones

When I was younger I really like the song Paint it Black. I now almost never listen to the radio, but right after telling my wife that I liked it as a kid, it came on when I turned the radio on on a lark the next day. Then later that day it came on …


Music Monday: Murder by Death

One of my favorite poems is Paradise Lost. Naturally, this means that I enjoy The Desert is on Fire by Murder by Death. The song takes place in a concept album wherein the devil was visiting a bar in Mexico and tried to make a few extra bucks on a drug deal. The other dealer …


Music Monday: Progress by The Dear Hunter

A year or so ago, a friend gave me “The Color Spectrum” by The Dear Hunter. The album is very unusual, but it was a delightful surprise. I especially like the song below. I think I mostly like its sound though. While the chorus is great (what better thing to bring us back to reality …


Music Monday: Thrice and the Sands of Time

Back in the days of “the myspace” I had a roommate who was in a hard core band and a significant number of friends on myspace I met at his concertsĀ or through another friend who went to a lot of evangelism conferences and such. I still remember when one of them messaged me and said, …


Music Monday: mewithoutYou

mewithoutYou is a band that I’ve liked since my senior year of high school when I came across one of their songs on a compilation CD that was given to me at a concert. Their sound has evolved tremendously since then. Their first album is one I very rarely listen to anymore. But their newest …


Music Monday: Eriatarka

I’ve mentioned before the weird period of time when I listened to The Mars Volta late into the night while fishing. Here is another of their songs. It’s pretty weird, but I like it. Their music has appealed to me for nearly a decade.


Music Thursday: Nine Inch Nails Edition

Ever since I first heard NIN’s “Came Back Haunted” I noticed a weird resonance it shared with Paul’s vision story in 2 Corinthians 12. In 2 Corinthians 1-10, Paul categorizes his vision as a story whose content cannot be revealed. Yet, the vision led to a transformative experience for him. He came back from it …