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How much can you know about yourself if you’ve never been in a fight?

So asks Tyler Durden in, Fight Club. I think it’s a serious question. And even for men to prefer gymnastic exercises by far to the baths, is perchance not bad, since they are in some respects conducive to the health of young men, and produce exertion—emulation to aim at not only a healthy habit of but …

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Thoughts on Strength Training For Women

A friend recently asked if I could help her design a strength training program (and I just finished). And while I made one for my wife and made jump/chin-up/and general strength programs for clients in the past, I still just felt the need to look more into the research on women’s health issues and the …

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The Tao of Bro-Science

When the gym is your lab: Bro-Science If you go to any gym, you’ll find a great deal of unusually specific information about strength training. Strangely, you’ll find very little in-depth knowledge of anatomy, physiology, or scientific literature appended to it. This information is Bro-Science. The problem with Bro-Science is that it differs from gym …


Science Fact of the Day: Pregnancy and Strength Training

When I was a personal trainer I had always hypothesized that strength training would lead to positive outcomes for pregnant women and the child, particularly if they had been training prior to the conception of their child. Since I’m not a research center and such training could be high risk, I just wouldn’t train a pregnant …


Music Monday: Motivation for the Gym

Here is a metal-esque song that really only exists to listen to prior to or during intense exercise: I highly recommend this song for getting pumped up for a heavy set of squats or dead lift, but it’s also a good “getting to the gym by car” song. Any other gym music recommendations?


Punching Bags

It was finally cool enough to work out in our garage rather than at the gym. Avery and I lifted weights and I hit the punching bag. I increased the intensity of my blows just because I thought my hands had hardened up pretty well over the past several weeks. This resulted in two things. …


Fatigue and Heavy Lifting

When I was younger I used to train really hard. I still tend to do so. But when I was younger, I don’t even remember why, but I decided that it would be important to test my ability to lift insanely heavy weights under psychological distress. To simulate that state, I did what I hate …


Baking Soda as a Sports Supplement?

One of the amazing things about the world is how seemingly disparate things are connected in profound ways. One of these connections is between sodium bicarbonate (household baking soda) and intense physical exertion. I use Sodium Bicarbonate for my heartburn when it comes up (less common these days thanks to eating less carbs), but I …


Scientific Research and Personal Experience

TLDR:I did an experiment based on some new data I discovered about tendons. My 8 year knee tendinitis is gone. It had to do with exercising more frequently. I got a lot stronger in just 3 weeks also: the end. Training EfficientlyIn my own life experience, perhaps the safest and least time consuming way to …


More on Weights and Training

As my previous post indicated 1 Rep Max indicators seem to produce fishy results as far as I’m concerned. This week I managed 265 for 20 reps in one set. According to a 1-RM calculator, I should be able to squat 441 for a single rep. By next week, if I can do 275 for …