Book Review: I Robot by Isaac Asimov

We read this book in class when I was in high school and I vaguely remembered finishing it. But we didn’t. We only actually read the first three stories.

Anyway, I had wanted to revisit it because in high school I was distracted by everything and because I thought I recalled the book having some fun logic exercises.

The logic exercises were fun. But they weren’t as good as I’d remembered. Anyway, the stories I hadn’t gotten to were all very good. My favorites are Evidence and Liar. Liar, about a robot whose positronic brain has spontaneously gained the ability to interpret human thought, is a page turner.

I’d review the book more in depth, but each chapter reads like a fun little mystery. Divulging details would literally ruin the stories.

There is very little character development, although Susan Calvin is shown in various stories at different stages in her life.

Potential Spoiler

As an aside, the three laws of robotics do not prevent Skynet. They merely reshape it.

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