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Don’t Be Yourself

You’ve heard it before. You have some problem and well-meaning person mothers you by saying with a straight face: “Just be yourself.”

If “be yourself” means “be honest about yourself, your weaknesses, and your abilities, lie neither to yourself or others” then I agree. If it means do what you truly and really think is best, then I absolutely agree. 

But what it really means is something like this excuse your excesses, wink at your weaknesses, befriend your faults, and ignore your ignorance. This is the advice of groups like NAAFA. Don’t follow it.

If I were to tell a struggling Greek student, “just be yourself,” then they would remain a non-Greek knowing person. 

If a new lifter goes to the gym and acts like themselves with the weight equipment they will either plateau at a non-optimal state, injure themselves permanently, or become a gymbecile.

Being yourself is for people whose self has been refined. Don’t be yourself.

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