Vice Promotes Vices?

I don’t make it a habit of reading Vice magazine. But I clicked a link today that referenced a recently released study I had read a few months ago. The author let it be known that her whole point was to try to demonize male self-improvement by associating all masculinity with the dreaded Trumppernaut. But she also made several basic errors, like implicitly supporting socialism, failing to observe that the results aren’t indicative of individual character but policy preferences, or that other things like education among net-contributors also predicts aversion to wealth redistribution. Anyway, when my eyes flitted away from the cacophony of disconnected claims clustered around interview quotes, I saw several Vice headlines: 

Gym Bros More Likely to be Right-Wing Assholes, Science Confirms

Why Smart People Are Lazier than Their Dumb Friends

Only Stupid People Have Lots of Friends

It’s doubtful that with titles like these, the articles in question are not similarly riddled with basic errors. But what’s more interesting is that every other article is about how some apparently innate trait like IQ or gender makes you better than people who work hard, go to the gym, use their time effectively, and so-on. It’s like the whole point of the website is to confirm people in their worst traits and to inculcate in them a fixed mindset. Sad.


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