Link, he come to town…

Here are some links:

Newly Discovered Blogs

Ella Prichard’s Blog – Her website has excellent resources on grieving as well as several fun posts (like recipes and the like). Ella is a great writer, I do not know how she manages to write so frequently since she works so hard on perfect punctuation and grammar, but I commend her!

Bravegirlliving – This is written by a very bright young woman who struggled (struggles) with an eating disorder and includes her reflections on the Christian life as well as on the interior struggles of anybody with a psychological illness of that sort.

Chris Borah – Chris is probably going to end up with a doctorate in New Testament, but he is also a very competent tech guru. His posts are always thoughtful.

Interesting Post

Do Greek or English Exegesis – Matthew Malcom has helpful tips for novice Bible Software uses who don’t know their Biblical languages.

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