Links to Read: 9-3-2018

I stumbled upon Scripture, revelation, and Platonism in C.S. Lewis by Andrew Walker. I finally had time to read it today. The first 15 pages or so are pretty good. In them, he describes Lewis’ six categories of revelation: the numinous, Sehnsucht/desire, conscience, Israel, pagan dreams/myths, and Jesus himself. After that, Walker attempts to critique Lewis’ view of the Incarnation and appears to miss Lewis’ point, at one point evidently critiquing a view Lewis explicitly rejects as Lewis’ own view (29 and 32). But if you want to learn about Lewis’ understanding of divine revelation and perhaps inform your own, it’s still worth a read. 

I recently got the Loeb edition of Xenophon‘s works on Socrates. It’s pretty good, especially because the Greek, despite being old, is readable if you know Koine. I like Xenophon’s Socrates more than Plato’s. 

For book club, we’re reading a story about General Lee during the Civil War called, The Gray Fox. It’s good so far. I’ve been listening to the audiobook on Hoopla. Lee was a man of unironic eloquence and it’s a shame I hadn’t read more about him earlier.

Here’s an interesting Twitter thread about trying to replace animal foods as the caloric staple in the human diet. I’ve read a few of the cited articles over the past few years. It’s an interesting counter-point to the relatively consistent barrage of anti-meat articles and sentiment amount the nutritional academicians: 

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