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Money Mindset

The Bible seems to say two things about money. That it’s all good or it’s all bad. Of course, what it really says is that money, like all good things, can be worshiped as an idol. Samson worships a woman as an idol (he tells her how to released him from his vow to God), …


Simplify: a review

Back in 2008, I saw a review for Simplify by Paul Borthwick over at Internet Monk, back before Mike Spencer died. I bought the book immediately. I found that despite its price tag ($16.99), it contained a wealth of valuable information. It’s exactly what it says it will be. A book about the practical side of …

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Sunday School: Career vs Calling

Christianese: I’m not sure what I’m called to do. I’m pretty sure God is calling me to become a chef. God told me to change majors. God called me to date so-and-so. I’m feeling called to the [insert cause that allows for very little personal accountability here]. 3 Aspects of Calling (in and out of …