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Trinity Sunday: Wesley on the Trinity

Today I taught a brief Sunday school lesson on the doctrine of the Trinity. It got me to thinking about this sermon by Wesley: On The Trinity. Here are some selections and my annotations: Hence, we cannot but infer, that there are ten thousand mistakes which may consist with real religion; with regard to which …


John Wesley’s Summary Of the Aims of Pastoral Ministry

In his “Earnest Appeal to Men of Reason and Religion” Wesley recounts this exchange: But I hear,” added he, “you preach to a great number of people every night and morning. Pray, what would you do with them? Whither would you lead them? What religion do you preach? What is it good for?” I replied, …


John Wesley on the Christian Life

Toward the beginning of John Wesley’s journal, he goes through a series of questions that he asks people who are critical of what he and the early Methodists are doing. They are pretty intense, but most Christians, even now, would approve of them. I wonder why we don’t do this kind of thing.  Whether it …