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The Hurt-Feelings Fallacy

The internet made me abreast of an informal fallacy which I have dubbed: The Hurt-Feelings Fallacy When a premise and/or conclusion of an argument hurts somebody’s feelings or hypothetically could do so in the future, then the argument is problematic. Because of this, the conclusion and the premises are all false. Similarly, if the corollaries …


Tucker Carlson: 20 Ideas for 2018

These screen caps are too small, but I suppose you can just search twitter for the thread (that’s how I found it after seeing somebody quote it). Tucker Carlson (whose show I don’t watch, but there are some hilariously edited clips online), gave 20 pieces of advice for the New Year. I found 5 to …

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O Love Divine!

O Love Divine! by Oliver Wendell Holmes1 O Love Divine! that stoop’st to share Our sharpest pang, our bitterest tear, On Thee we cast each earth-born care, We smile at pain while Thou art near. Though long the weary way we tread, And sorrow crown each lingering year, No path we shun, no darkness dread, …

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Taylor Swift: Great American Philosopher

I read a great quote in a meme. So I decided to find its source. It had a philosopher’s touch: Live your life like you’re 80 looking back on your teenage years. You know if your dad calls you at eight in the morning and asks if you want to go to breakfast? As a …

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Propagation by Com Truise

This is an atmospheric song for writing, reading, or exercise.   But the whole album is, as they say, totally boss:

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Intellectual Weakness

Nobody wants to be weak. Weakness leads to losing. Weakness leads to resentment.[1] Intellectual weakness is perhaps the most subtle weakness. It compounds itself. Physical weakness makes us feel bad. Intellectual weakness makes us feel smug or leaves us unable to see our weakness. There are many ways to overcome this problem, but the first …


The Goober Atheist: Ineffectual Nerd Edition

Years ago Richard Carrier attempted to destroy the foundation of the Christian faith by publishing his magnum opus proving definitively that Jesus never existed. And like all virgin-nerds, his work was ignored by the world of chad New Testament scholars, which lead him to resentfully hate them all. As an aside, I don’t mind atheists, …

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Don’t Be Yourself

“Just be yourself.” If “be yourself” means “be honest about yourself, your weaknesses, and your abilities, lie neither to yourself or others” then I agree. If it means do what you truly and really think is best, then I absolutely agree.  But what it really means is something like this excuse your excesses, wink at …

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The Loquacious Atheist: He Is Speaking Pure Gibberish

When I heard that Daniel Dennett’s new book on consciousness was released, I didn’t care. He has a tendency to argue in this format: Here’s an idea it isn’t worth explaining from the past. Here’s my alternative that uses sciency words. It cannot be explained by current science, but with enough scientific advances, it obviously …


Vice Promotes Vices?

I don’t make it a habit of reading Vice magazine. But I clicked a link today that referenced a recently released study I had read a few months ago. The author let it be known that her whole point was to try to demonize male self-improvement by associating all masculinity with the dreaded Trumppernaut. But …