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I loved Adam West’s Batman

The slap stick Batman of the 1960s is difficult for many to appreciate unless they’re signalling a blasé millennial irony, but as a boy I loved it. I also liked Keaton’s eccentric, deranged, yet god-like Batman. But the omni-competent, James Bond like, self-absorbed to the point of egomania, and utterly goofy Batman of Adam West was simply a joy for me. In honor of Adam West, here are a few favorite clips:

In this clip, Batman presciently described the results of the 2016 presidential campaign process.

This clip needs no explanation.

In my experience, this is literally true.

Batman can dance like no other, a true danse macabre.

Batman, without a hint of sarcasm, irony, or self-awareness opines that “this strange mixing of minds may be the single greatest service ever performed for man.”

I keep reading that his Batman was the best Batman. I disagree. But he was the Batman we needed.

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