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Music Video: An Unstoppable Man

  If you like synth wave and/or Mad Max, this music video might improve your workouts or make you feel pumped. Warning: Don’t try any of these stunts without a seatbelt.  

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Sherlock Holmes, Moriarty, and the Devil

In the three most recent adaptations of Sherlock Holmes (Sherlock, Elementary, and the Game of Shadows) at crucial moments Holmes is deceived by Moriarty into making a tactical error and in the mean time a song about demon forces is played. There Are Spoilers Below In the movie, Holmes is fooled into thinking Moriarty intended …

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Youth Science Projects and American Aspirations

I came across an archived usenet post linked on social media: How come the heros of our movies are no longer Micky Rooney or Spencer Tracy playing Thomas Edison, or Paul Muni playing Erlich or Pasteur, instead Val Kilmer playing Jim Morrison and Woody Harrelson playing Larry Flint? And movies whose heros are lawyers.   …

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I loved Adam West’s Batman

The slap stick Batman of the 1960s is difficult for many to appreciate unless they’re signalling a blasé millennial irony, but as a boy I loved it. I also liked Keaton’s eccentric, deranged, yet god-like Batman. But the omni-competent, James Bond like, self-absorbed to the point of egomania, and utterly goofy Batman of Adam West …

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Why Isn’t Wonder Woman Fat?

In an article which must be satire but isn’t, a woman asks: When Will Wonder Woman Be a Fat, Femme Woman of Color? Never. She’s not sedentary. She’s from an island without men, so modern day women’s issues would have little import to her. She’s Greek, so she can’t be. If Wonder Woman became any …

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The Dark Knight Trilogy and Intertextuality: Stallone, Dumas, Hugo, and Dickens

I’ve always loved intertexuality. I especially love the interplay between books and film. Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy is a great example. The movies have many resonances. For instance, the trilogy is intentionally based upon Dickens’ Tale of Two Cities. Most obviously, when Commissioner Gordon reads from the book: It is a far, far better …