Deadlift Race

I’ve gotten out of shape. It’s my fault, I responded poorly to some potentially terrible news for my wife and daughter (my wife is healthy, my daughter was born, and though born premature she can already roll over and seems to have decent motor control, which is good as the concern was her nervous system health). Anyway, I had figured out what was wrong with the pregnancy about a month before the doctors did and after losing a bunch of muscle mass training for an adventure race I then just sat around depressed and over eating like a fat loser as I waited for a firm diagnosis…and then when my wife was in the hospital I became even more sedentary. It was an embarrassing moment. So, I need to get into shape.

The Dungeon

And then, I was on Twitter and saw that Ed Latimore‘s deadlift numbers were similar to my own current numbers (255 for 6). Now, his sport (boxing) doesn’t require a strong pull, but I suspect that any extra strength helps. So if we both spur one another to greater strength, we’ll both win.

I thought it would be fun to challenge him to a race (he wants to do 315 for 3 sets of 6). He accepted. We set a time frame, we want to see if we can make it by October. My thought is that as long as both of us hit the lift in October, on any date, then it’s a draw.

Mirriam Seddiq (a civil liberties lawyer) will also be racing to 135.

I haven’t come up with any sort of incentive system other than bragging rights.

Anyway, we’ll post videos of PRs, which I’ll link here, leading up to our final attempt. If anybody else wants in, join up.

I’ll make and edited version of this as a page at the top.